We’re looking for a Junior Designer

Studio Coact, working together to develop brands, build digital presence & considered marketing for your business.

We’re looking for an ambitious Junior Designer who can deliver on all three fronts. It’s fine if you’re on the start of your journey, but we’ll be looking for candidates who bring some knowledge of designing for social marketing, building or developing brands and creating websites with UI and UX in mind. You will be given full support and guidance working under the supervision of a Senior Designer/Design Manager to produce high-quality work.

What to expect

Working with our creative team, strategists and clients, you can expect to:

  • Participate in brainstorm and creative meetings.
  • Create thoughtful identities with guidelines and assets that work seamlessly from print to digital.
  • Edit footage to produce videos that match the projects aim.
  • Create general social assets and posts.
  • Consider web users experience and digital interfaces (UX / UI)
  • Industry experience would be advantageous
  • Excellent Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Superb Idea Generation, from social campaigns to brand identities
  • Awareness of current design culture
  • An ability to to pick up creative briefs at any stage
  • An exceptional eye for detail and an ability to check your work
  • A confidence to experiment and move out of your comfort zone
  • Confidence to present work internally and talk proficiently about your work
  • Collaborative approach, open to ideas and feedback from others
  • Ability to react quickly and efficiently to last minute briefs on tight deadlines
Nice to have
  • Experience in After Effects and XD and other additional skills you can add to the team.

To be considered for this position you will possess a highly compelling, and unique portfolio that demonstrates your creative flair. Please email your portfolio together with your CV to hello@studiocoact.co.uk. Any questions please call 0151 708 5813 and ask for Neil Foulkes.